Apr 10, 2018


Our very own architects, Louise and Maria have shared their stories as part of the RIBA NE campaign #FacesofArchitecture, celebrating diversity in the profession in the North East of England.

Leading on work to show the many faces and facets of architects in the profession are Regional Council members, Siobhan McMahon and Nicky Watson.

‘This is about showcasing our region as a leader in embracing diversity, and promoting equality and inclusivity in the way we work in practice,’ said Siobhan.

‘We are reaching out to participants now and will show the region’s rich diversity through architects’ blogs. They’ll be writing about why they are drawn to architecture, their achievements, their interests, and their roots.’

Siobhan believes it is important that the whole region takes part: ‘Every practice is unique and different, and can demonstrate equality, diversity and inclusion in its own way.’

A very interesting read. Well done to both of them.

Louise Drew

Maria Sanchez Navarrete

Celebrating Diversity of Architects in the North East


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