Cheshire Health Centre

Project description:

Medical Architecture prepared a site appraisal analysis and advised on a schedule of accommodation, for a new healthcare centre in a market town in Cheshire.  The scheme consolidates the existing town’s GP surgeries, provides diagnostic and treatment facilities, as well as, step down inpatient accommodation.

We evaluated a number of site options, scoring them against agreed common criteria. In addition, consultation with the local planning authority helped inform the evaluation and final recommendation.

Medical Architecture asessed four sites. We concluded that the existing hospital location proved to be the most appropriate, in terms of its size, existing planning consent, and proximity to the town centre.

The design proposal for the new Cheshire Health Centre is a two phased development. The first delivers new build accommodation for the GP surgeries, followed by, a second phase containing imaging, diagnostics, consulting rooms and inpatient accommodation.

The two phases will be connected, by a generously spaced and welcoming patient with visitor hospitality suite. This emphasises the importance of the healthcare facility as a wellness centre, and resource for the community.

The proposal is expected to evolve and develop in consultation with the local GPs, existing healthcare providers and commissioners, as well as, wider stakeholders.

It will deliver a much needed improvement in the provision of healthcare services at the local level. It represents a model of integration between primary and acute care services, that is both complementary and responsive to local needs.

Cheshire, UK

Durrow Management



Completed 2013

Ref: 606

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