Jan 25, 2019

Medical Architecture gain approval for Perinatal Unit

Dorset Perinatal Unit

A new Perinatal Unit in Dorset and the West of England has gained planning consent.

Perinatal mental health problems affect between 10 to 20% of women during pregnancy and the first year after having a baby.

The new building will provide specialist mental health services for women, in a modern and attractive setting, designed for the treatment and care of vulnerable patients.

It sits in a mature wooded glade close to the main St. Ann’s Hospital in Poole.

The design is crafted to have a low impact on the mature coastal trees, as well as, providing a private and dignified place for inpatients, whilst complimenting neighbouring residential properties.

On the ground floor it provides accommodation for up to 8 mothers, and their babies,  suffering from serious complex disorders. Day spaces cluster around an open courtyard. Community teams occupy the first floor to assist with continuing integrated care.

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