Jul 20, 2018

Architect gains PhD Research Award

Medical Architecture’s Alex Senciuc, was awarded First Prize in the UCL PhD poster competition in the Built Environment, Engineering, Mathematical and Physical Sciences category. Alex’s PhD poster was titled “Collective Intelligence in Strategic Health Planning.”

Alex’s PhD recognises how health organisations are steadily joining forces to provide integrated services across geographic regions and sectors. As such the shifts in health systems need to be supported at strategic scale by an integrated planning process that enables collaboration between stakeholders from clinical, infrastructural, economic disciplines, and beyond. The PhD investigates ways to harness the collective intelligence of the stakeholder group. It introduces a common platform for strategic planning that combines model of care, infrastructure and economic model planning processes using simulation tools.

Alex’s poster was also selected and successfully showcased at the European Healthcare Design Congress in June 2018. Medical Architecture is sponsoring Alex through his post graduate research.

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